Resolving Proxy Configuration Issues

From version onwards, AMEB's Online Exams software includes a 'Proxy Support' feature to assist our candidates in schools and other networks.

This can cause some problems for Mac users when they attempt to open the software, depending on certain settings in their computer's System Preferences.

Follow these steps to change your computer's proxy settings so that they are compatible with AMEB's Online Exams software:

1. Open your computer's 'System Preferences'

2. Select 'Network'

3. Once the 'Network' window has opened, look at the lower left-hand corner of this window. Can you see a 'lock' symbol? If not, please continue to step 4. If so, click on the 'lock' symbol in order to allow changes to your computer's settings to be made. You will be prompted to enter the User Name and Password of your computer's administrator account - you may need to ask the owner of the computer (sometimes a parent or a teacher) to make this change. Once this symbol is unlocked, please continue to step 4.

4. Make sure the network that is selected from the left-hand side menu (e.g. Wi-Fi, Local Area Network, etc.) is the network you use to connect to the internet

5. Click on 'Advanced' in the lower right-hand corner of the 'Network' window

6. Select 'Proxies' from the ribbon menu at the top of this window

7. In the menu entitled 'Select a protocol to configure:' locate the items 'Auto Proxy Discovery' and 'Automatic Proxy Configuration'. These should be disabled. If either has a blue tick in the box next to the menu item, click on the tick-box to disable it.

7. Click 'OK'

8. You should then be returned to the 'Network' window. Click 'Apply' to complete the changes.

9. Restart your computer.

Your computer's proxy support should now be compatible with AMEB's Online Exams software. Try and launch the software again using the Online Exams website:

Please note that if you use your computer regularly in different network environments, such as schools or libraries, you may need to turn the 'Auto Proxy Discovery' and 'Automatic Proxy Configuration' features back on in order for your computer to be compatible with these environments. To do this, follow all the same steps, re-selecting them and then applying the changes once again.

If you continue to experience difficulty with the software, please contact AMEB via or call 1300 725 709 to speak with our support staff.