About AMEB


Mission Statement: The AMEB exists to provide a graded system of examinations in music and in speech and drama, by offering high quality syllabuses, educative services to our teachers, examiners and candidates, and quality publications that are produced to the highest editorial standard.

The AMEB Tradition - The Measure of Excellence: The AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) conducts examinations in music and speech education. Its accreditation is recognised professionally not only within Australia but also overseas, where it is one of the most respected bodies in this field.

AMEB examinations are based on syllabuses designed by leading scholars and performers which are regularly updated to ensure that they reflect an appropriate range of performance skills and the latest musicological research. The content of these syllabuses is, wherever practical, published in affordable editions, ensuring that the cost to students of acquiring a full range of the set pieces is as simple and inexpensive as possible.

Success: The AMEB's success in developing standards of performance and scholarship has been achieved through the support of teachers in all States. Our syllabuses are reviewed and developed in direct consultation with the people who use our examination system, and are written by leading teachers and performers. With the assistance of its examiners, the Board will continue to work in association with teachers to provide encouragement for students and to give them a sense of achievement. The Board believes that its activities ultimately lead to the enhancement of the cultural life of our community.

What we offer:

  • a qualification that is widely recognised and respected
  • the only examination body with formal links to major Australian universities and Ministers for Education
  • the most widely used assessment system for Music, Speech and Drama in Australia
  • assessment from the preliminary to diploma level
  • highly trained examiners who are specialists in their instrument
  • detailed written reports for practical examinations
  • fresh and accessible syllabuses developed in consultation with teachers, parents and students
  • a wide range of repertoire available in the Manual Lists, in addition to AMEB publications
  • local teacher support and networks
  • quality publications