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Latest additions to AMEB’s Online Learning & Exams Platform

Added on: 03/12/2021 05:23 pm

A Theory of Music Grade 4 course and two Speech & Performance exams are now available online via the AMEB Learning & Exams platform. Launched 1 July 2021, these new offerings will make it easier for students and teachers to access quality learning and assessment tools for these syllabuses.


The self-guided grade 4 course is made up of 14 video lessons accompanied by interactive online practice tests and downloadable PDF lesson outlines. This course builds on the knowledge acquired in our grade 1 – 3 courses to help candidates thoroughly prepare for the AMEB Theory of Music Grade 4 exam.


Key features of the AMEB Theory of Music Grade 4 course include access to a larger pool of test questions for each lesson, an in-depth walkthrough of four-part writing and audio examples demonstrating melody writing to a couplet of words.


The grade 4 course is fully integrated with the AMEB Theory of Music: Integrated Course and Workbook Grade 4 publication released in 2020.


Also launched in July 2021 are the Speech and Performance Theory Grade 5 and 6 online exams. These are in addition to the grade 1 and 7 exams already available on the system with the remaining grades in development. Speech and Performance online theory exams will require the manual installation of software. Please visit our Downloads page for access to the latest version of our software.


All these new releases can be purchased and accessed through the AMEB Learning & Exams website


If you have questions regarding updates and new releases to the AMEB Online Learning & Exam system, please contact the AMEB Federal Office on 03 8660 5800 or email